Better Negotiation – Handling the Sales or Listing Case

Every property negotiation is different. You can use that difference to your advantage. In preparing for a property negotiation, investigate the client’s situation and the property before you start so that you can look at the alternatives that they may have currently or be working towards. Know the client comprehensively and their property. When you […]


The 9 Critical Sales Skills in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are certain skills in commercial real estate brokerage that you do need to work on and improve over time.  Given the changes to the property market each year, those skills are so essential to progress for every agent Client contact systems, your database, and your listing inventories grow through constant activities. They are the […]

Fear Can be a Negotiation Tool in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate there are generally a few things that people fear.  When you understand that factor you can use it as leverage in a negotiation for property sales or leasing.  Fear is the basis of some emotions that come out in any property listing, lease, or contract; people can panic about the deal […]

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