A High Quality Commercial Property Presentation is Easier Than You Think

When you meet with a client or a prospect in commercial real estate brokerage, you are very likely to have only a short period of time where you can present your ideas and strategies about their property or property challenge.  N.B. – You can get our free online Brokerage eCourse here. Engaging the client in […]

Special Report – 6 Sales Pitch Secrets in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Often you will hear a real estate broker or an agent undertake a sales pitch with a client or prospect.  They will be doing so on the basis of listing, marketing, inspecting, or negotiating.  Preparation is the key to converting the interest of the other person.  Practice will underpin and improve conversions.  How are your […]


How to Beat Your Biggest Competitors in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate today the competition can be fierce.  It is not unusual for a high quality property to be put through a tendering process with a number of brokerages and tenderers pitching for the same listing.  Property owners and corporate clients like to know that they have ‘explored’ market conditions and weighed up […]

Commercial Brokers – Dominate Your Market The Right Way

When you have a look around the property market it is likely that you will see lots of competitor agents all claiming to be ‘good’ at what they do.  It’s no wonder the clients get confused and invite several agents or brokers to pitch on a listing.  All of a sudden the client makes a […]

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