Local Area Marketing Plan

When you work as a real estate agent today, your allocated area can be large and complex. You will have properties to research and people to find within that area. For that reason, and as part of successful local area marketing, it pays to split things into manageable chunks.  Simplify your location coverage. You can […]


Brokerage Marketing Planning Parts 1 and 2 Video

In commercial real estate brokerage, you have some choices when it comes to how you promote yourself and your listings. In this series of videos, we will help you match yourself and your skills from a marketing perspective into the local area. Ultimately to help you gain more clients and listings. Note: You can get […]

Commercial Real Estate Marketing – How to Use a Blog Effectively in Online Marketing

Ask anyone about ‘online strategy’ that really understands the marketing world, and they will tell you that a blog is a very important tool to consider and implement.  In commercial real estate brokerage a blog is a critical tool to integrate into a brokerage or personal marketing approach. Why is a blog so important? Well […]

Image and Brand Marketing Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

One of the most important things for you to do when you start working as an agent in a new area or brokerage is to build your personal brand.  The longer you take to do that or understand that fact, the slower your growth of market share. The best business, sales, leasing, and project work […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – Marketing Reminders to Help You Get Better Results from Property Promotions

A well run marketing campaign in commercial real estate brokerage will fast track listing enquiries and inspections.  Ensure that you have all the bases covered when it comes to your quality properties and the associated marketing campaigns. Here are some valuable marketing reminders to consider as you take your good quality property listings to the […]

The 8 Principles of Local Area Marketing in Commercial Real Estate

Local area marketing is a big part of attracting listings and commissions in commercial real estate brokerage today.  Most of the clients that you work with will come from your local area.  Get to know your area in a comprehensive way; assess all the sales and leasing opportunities on a street by street basis.  Identify […]

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