Commercial Real Estate Agents – Marketing Reminders to Help You Get Better Results from Property Promotions

A well run marketing campaign in commercial real estate brokerage will fast track listing enquiries and inspections.  Ensure that you have all the bases covered when it comes to your quality properties and the associated marketing campaigns.

Here are some valuable marketing reminders to consider as you take your good quality property listings to the buyers and tenants locally:


  1. The Competition – Review the competing properties so you know what you are up against. The listings of other agents will have stories to tell you particularly regards best methods of sale and best methods of marketing.  Understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to property marketing in each property category.
  2. Strengths and Weaknesses – Some listings will have issues to address before you start the marketing campaign. The buyers and tenants of today are selective when it comes to inspecting.  If your property marketing falls short of expectations, you are likely to be struggling when it comes to promotions and inspections.  Address the weaknesses of every listing, and build on the strengths that the property may have.
  3. Target market focus – Who will buy or rent your property listing? What will motivate them?  Understand what people are looking for today in property occupation or investment by tracking levels of property enquiry.
  4. Timing – Through any year there will be peaks and troughs in property enquiry. Business sentiment will also wax and wane.  The first 12 weeks of any property promotion will be the most important. Given all of these facts it will be necessary to choose the timing of the property promotion well.
  5. Media reach and Coverage – Every media type will have certain advantages and weaknesses; understand the factors of reach that apply to the target market and the media choices. This means that every marketing campaign relating to an exclusive listing should be focused on the best channels of communication in connection. When you have this focus, the levels of enquiry are easier to achieve.
  6. Central Promotional Message – Every property will have a specific message and story to tell. Finding the right message to convey will help your marketing strategies significantly. Consider the history of the property and the location; through that history and general location there will be messages of interest to local property investors and business owners. In that way you can attract more readership to the marketing and the promotional efforts in every marketing campaign.
  7. Factors of Attraction – Look at the property with regard to the ideal tenant or buyer. How will they look at the listing and what preferences will they have in property selection? Build your marketing campaign around the factors of attraction for every listing.
  8. Variations to the Marketing Message – You should vary your advertising with every exclusive listing. You should have two or three types of marketing messages to convey to the local area. In that way you can use the different portals and attract more hits and conversions from every advertisement.

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