A Simple Industrial Property Inspection Form to Use

When you are to inspect an industrial property there a few things to look into and document. That is the case in sales, leasing, or property management and it is something that you can prepare for. If you would like more of our templates for commercial real estate brokerage, you can get them if you […]


Handy Industrial Property Checklist for Real Estate Agents

Here is a checklist in this podcast that you can use in the listing of industrial property for sales or lease. The idea behind using a checklist like this is that you can comprehensively cover the property issues from a leasing or sales perspective. What are the benefits of this process? You can get to […]


A Simple Guide to Listing an Industrial Property Today for Sale or Lease

The industrial property market is normally quite active in most towns or cities at any time, and in any economy.  The reason being is that it serves the ‘base line’ of business and economic activity for the community.  All other property types are higher up the chain of investment and occupation; all other property types […]

How to Be an Expert in Industrial Property Sales and Leasing

Industrial property remains one of the easier market segments in which you can get a foothold as a top broker or agent.  The fact of the matter is that industrial premises are always required for changing business activity by good tenants and businesses.  The industrial segment is for ever changing and it is not a […]

Industrial Property Planner Matrix Chart

Well, its the end of another busy week in commercial and industrial property.  I have put a few special charts out this week for my broker friends online around the World, so let’s finish the week with a very special chart that you can use with ‘Industrial Property Sales and Leasing’. Think about all the […]

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