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Here is a checklist in this podcast that you can use in the listing of industrial property for sales or lease. The idea behind using a checklist like this is that you can comprehensively cover the property issues from a leasing or sales perspective.

What are the benefits of this process? You can get to the real facts that influence the marketing of the property and the matching of the marketing to the target audience. That then helps you convert more new business and inspections. That is a solid opportunity for brokerage over time.

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Some parts of the checklist include factors aligned to:

  • LIST: Locational issues of the precinct and the town or city
  • DETAIL: The property features that will help you attract inspections
  • REVIEW: The factors of the investment that will underpin investor involvement and attraction
  • DOCUMENT: Lease investigations and details that could impact your inspections and enquiries
  • STRENGTHS: The improvements both in the office area and the warehouse that will be strengths in the property inspection and transaction conversion
  • ZONE: Precinct facts that will be relevant to qualifying the right buyers or tenants

You can listen to the podcast right here.

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