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Slumps in commercial real estate happen for a number of reasons, but the most common reason is when an agent gets ‘off track’ or distracted from the things that matter in client contact, personal marketing, and listing creation.

To get out of a slump in commercial real estate, it is simply a matter of creating a work plan involving modified habits that align you to the property market and the people that invest or occupy premises in it.

Things to Watch in Brokerage

Think about these things:

  • Look for the variations in the property market
  • Match yourself to the changes and churn of real estate
  • Put some variety in your personal marketing
  • Adjust your working day to get more involvement with people
  • Shake-up your database and client list contact system
  • Shift your new business activities to the first part of every day
  • Transfer your thinking to growth and service of clients

In the video today, you can learn how to get more from your working day and to turn around a slump in your real estate business. Three simple facts can help you get more from your location and your preferred property types. Here is the video:

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