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What Makes Your Commercial Real Estate Agency Relevant to the Client?

If you were meeting with the commercial real estate client today and they asked you a question as to why they should use you and or your agency services, what would you say? 

Most agents or salespeople will give a fairly generic and bland answer when it comes to that question. Think about it.

They will say something similar to the following:

  1. We have been in the area for a long time.
  2. We know the local property market
  3. We have the best people to serve you
  4. We have done all the deals locally
  5. We understand how to drive the enquiry
  6. We have the best marketing campaign available
  7. We have the market share
  8. We know what you need
  9. We know how to market your property

Whilst all of these things may seem logical to you, from a marketing perspective they are generic and bland.  They simply do nothing to help you convert the listing and certainly do not attract the attention of the client in any significant way.

Just about every agent in your town or city will say the same thing when it comes to the client’s question.  You must be more specific when it comes to answering the question about your relevance and specialty as a commercial real estate agent.  Why are you different and why should the client use you?  Real facts are required.

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How To Answer Client Questions?

There is a simple way to handle this issue and problem. You must take any of the above statements that you choose to use and then go much deeper in your response to the client.

For example, if you have just told the client that you have done most of the local property deals, you need to show them those deals and tell them how relevant those transactions are to them in today’s terms. You are the solution to property challenges.

Relevance is everything when it comes to commercial real estate today.  Everything you say should be turned into a relevant issue with specific strengths that relate back to your business. 

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Go Deeper In Your Answers

That is why the generic statement should be taken to at least two deeper levels of specific information.  Give the client information that supports your claim and tie it to the property listing and market that they have before them.

If you have been the agent in the local area for quite some time, tell the client what you have done over the time and how you have controlled the market share relative to their property type.  Give them the information that proves what you say.  Show them the benefit of using you as a Real Estate Agent and be very specific.

Don’t Be Generic

The generic approach just doesn’t work when it comes to any commercial and retail property today.  Be specific in every respect.  If you believe you have the best people or solutions to serve the client, show them why that is the case and tell them who are those people are.  Give them proof.

Give them a solid resume of property experience when it comes to the particular property listing.  In only this way can you capture the client’s attention and potentially convert the listing.

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