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The Client Contact Plan Brokers and Agents Need

Here are some ideas to help you engage with more clients in your location. There are always plenty of people to connect within commercial real estate providing you set your targets and implement a system of contact over time.

In today’s podcast, we can give you the ideas you need that help you engage with people consistently and with better success rates through direct and deliberate contact.

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Is there a trick to the process? Not really. Systems are everything when you want to get anywhere in commercial real estate brokerage. Know your location, know your property segments, and understand the trends of the industry in your zones and or allocated territory.

Relevance is the key to getting anywhere with a client list and a prospecting list in your commercial real estate career. How relevant are you when it comes to growing your client list and in providing services specialising in commercial real estate?

Client Focus in Podcast

In the podcast today we will help you understand the strategies behind building a solid client foundation in your real estate business.

Map out your location, your preferred client profiles, and start to engage with local people. Systems help you get anywhere. Set your formula in place to shape your real estate business with top clients and better-quality properties. Put some purpose in your real estate career.

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