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Questions Like These Create Listings

When you work in commercial real estate within an allocated territory, the questions that you ask of new people will help drive your real estate business forward. In today’s podcast, we give you some ideas to consider about leading questions that can help you find the right people who could soon reach a property sale, […]

Asking the Right Questions in Commercial Property Presentations

If you are to win a property presentation or listing pitch in a typical sales situation with a commercial real estate client, be prepared for their deep and meaningful questions relating to their property and the market.  The questioning strategy can work in either of two ways and be an advantage for you if you […]


Key Questions to Ask Clients in Commercial Real Estate Agency

When it comes to listing a commercial property or perhaps preparing for a presentation, it pays to have a checklist approach to work through with the client.  The right questions asked at the beginning of the connection can save you a lot of time later. Before I go too much further I will say that […]

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