How to Get Your New Business Under Control

There are different ways of approaching new business in commercial real estate, and some of those strategies are very valuable when it comes to growing your commissions and listings over time. In this podcast we help you look at the right things and ask better questions of what you are doing in generating new business. […]


A Proven Course of Action in Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

In today’s video, we share three simple and yet effective ideas that are proven to help with quality new business in commercial real estate brokerage. You can reach new levels of accomplishment in your property market by following simple rules like these. You could say that it is a ‘process to follow’ for individual brokers […]

The Advantages of Local Area Network Experience in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, your local area knowledge and experience is valuable in so many ways to the people that you seek to attract as clients.  As the local agent and the specialist in a property type, you can do more with that local knowledge from an opportunity perspective in your marketing.  You can […]

5 Essential Rules to Commercial Real Estate Broker Prospecting and Networking

The agent that maintains focus on the simple things of our business usually gets results.  The commercial property market does not need to be complex, but it does require momentum and tenacity in prospecting and cold calling over the longer term.  That means contacting new people and the same people in an ongoing way.   A […]

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