A Proven Course of Action in Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

In today’s video, we share three simple and yet effective ideas that are proven to help with quality new business in commercial real estate brokerage.

You can reach new levels of accomplishment in your property market by following simple rules like these. You could say that it is a ‘process to follow’ for individual brokers and agents.

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When you do certain things every day, and you do them to a work plan, you will find new property listings and new clients.

Develop your prospecting techniques and systems to suit your town or city, but include these ideas in what you are doing. Here is the video about action steps in commercial real estate brokerage. Use the eight ideas in your real estate business.

From the video above you can also get your copy of the slides below. Focus on the 8 ‘traction factors’ in brokerage. Assess your numbers and monitor them in the future. Here are the brokerage traction slides for you to download and keep.

slide deck of action ideas in brokerage
Slide deck for commercial real estate brokerage leverage.