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Life doesn’t need to be difficult in a commercial real estate agency and brokerage. Take control of your property market and your activities, because control and actions to a system will help you get anywhere with listings and transactions. Set your business targets and start taking action each day.

Where do you start?  It just requires dedicated systems of action undertaken every day on a personal basis.  Don’t let things distract you in your real estate business; stay on track with your business focus and your plan of action.  Do things to a strategy; random doesn’t work in brokerage.

city scene at night
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Track and measure your progress with listings, meetings, enquiries, presentations, and referrals.  Adjust your actions when you see strengths and weaknesses to work on. You can control your working day, at least in part (one third is a good ratio to work towards). Listen to the podcast below and learn how to grow your real estate market share.

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