How Marketing Gets Better Results in Brokerage

If you are struggling with building your real estate business, look at your marketing strategies and listing actions around brokerage.  Are you doing enough now?  Can you do more? 

Most agents and brokers can do a lot more for themselves in personal, property, and direct marketing, particularly so with some simple strategies and changes to actions. Take every listing and do more with it. Spend more time with your listings.

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In today’s podcast, you can learn how to optimise your marketing efforts and your time. When you control both of these things, you will build your listing opportunities faster. Its all about talking to people locally and consistently.

In the two parts of the podcast show you can learn about:

  1. The four ways you can improve your marketing efforts to get more enquiry.
  2. How to use your time with greater efficiency to pull in the enquiry and the new clients.

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