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In today’s video, we cover the issues surrounding identifying new commercial property opportunities to take to the market. There are always plenty of listings to find in a local area providing you diligently review property locations, people, investors, streets, and buildings.

In other words, you talk to a lot of people on a daily basis to find out what their property challenges are or could be, and identify what they are thinking about when it comes to investments and property occupancy. 

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The property market can be a challenge for some investors and also business owners. On that basis, you have some very valuable property services to offer and in doing so provide solutions to those people. Market yourself accordingly in an ongoing way.  It is a system that you can develop for yourself and your property targets.

So where can you start? Look at the buildings, the streets, and the business owners in the location. Comprehensively cover smaller precincts and specific locations so you know exactly what’s going on when it comes to occupancy, change, and investment.

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