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Excellent Ways to Plan Your Client Contact in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, the contact cycles that you create with your clients and prospects and sustain over time will help or hinder you when it comes to business opportunity and growth.  So, it is best to have a client contact program that you can work to every day and implement without difficulty.

You will also need a client list and database to work in an ongoing way. Systems like that build opportunity with leads and referrals. The creation and the management of your database is a very special process requiring a commitment of time and a commitment to skill development and action.

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Grow and maintain your client list yourself; you cannot and should not delegate it to others. Your real estate business depends on your client list and how you work it. Put yourself into the client contact system.

In today’s podcast, we share specific ideas about how you can grow your client activities in the right way to build your real estate business faster. Become more selective about who your clients are and why you are engaging with them. Set some rules for the process. The parts to the podcast are:

  • How you can plan your client contact to get better results
  • Why you should profile your ideal client types and the location to draw them from
  • How you can profit from better clients locally and build a system to achieve that

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