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In commercial real estate today the clients that we work with want one thing and that is in one word ‘results’.  It is the common thread that runs through everything in commercial real estate sales and leasing.

Every client will have different criteria when it comes to ‘results’, however, the fact of the matter remains that ‘results’ are the lever to client satisfaction and referrals.  Top Agents focus on what I call the ‘results factor’.   They aim for the results that will bring the best opportunity for the client and close the deal at the best possible outcome.  When the client is happy, ongoing business will come towards you over time.  Top Agents grow their business on the successes that they create for their clients.


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Client Satisfaction Program

It is no secret that the commercial and retail property industry is a bit of a challenge at the moment; that being said, results are still very possible and the agent can set up the success circumstances for the client.

When you list a property, get to the bottom of what the client sees as the ‘result’ that they require.  A degree of honesty will be required on their part to share what they ultimately require.  That honesty will only exist in an ‘exclusive listing’, but is unlikely to achieve when it comes to an ‘open listing’.  In an ‘open listing’ clients tend to hold back from the full and honest facts of the sale or lease.  From the very start of the listing, the agent has to ‘read between the lines’ with a client that is less than open and free with all the property information.  Perhaps I generalise, but it is a common problem that impacts the marketing effort for many commercial real estate agents.


The Client Result Index

To help you get to the bottom of what the client sees as the best ‘result’, here are some thoughts to take you forward and create successful listings:

  1. What is the best timing of the sale or lease?
  2. What factors exist in the property that could slow down a transaction?
  3. What is the price or rent that the client sees as the lowest they can afford?
  4. When can the client commit to the marketing program?
  5. Will the client provide vendor paid marketing funds?
  6. What can the client commit to when it comes to preparing the property for sale or lease?
  7. What will be the best method of sale that can help the client get the best levels of enquiry today?
  8. What will be the best rental and incentive to attract tenants to the property and inspect the premises?

Get to the real facts of the property and the client’s situation.  When you do this you can be a commercial real estate agent that brings in the ‘results’.  Top Agents do that all the time.

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