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In commercial real estate brokerage, you must sell yourself and your ideas before you list and sell the property for a client as a broker or agent.  There are plenty of agents around your town or city that are also trying to win your client and or the listing. 

Go back to the facts.  Why would someone list their property with you?  Do you have an answer that is not ‘generic’ and more importantly is quite specific to the client’s situation?  Being different and relevant in commercial real estate today is very important.

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Don’t Be a Generic Agent

The generic approach to commercial real estate doesn’t work anymore; the competition is active, and the listing alternatives are many.  The property services today are too specific.  Top agents are required to serve clients.

Go deeper into the ideas around selling the property and the target marketing that you will be attempting to tap into. That is where the ideas and your recommendations that you make become very important.  Build your campaign of promotion around target marketing.

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Making Property Ideas and Recommendations

So, there is a set of ideas to make here to the client regards their property situation and challenge before you consider taking the property to the market.  Your choices are important.

Positioning and conditioning are part of the listing and marketing process; the client needs to understand the facts of what exists, what is happening, and how they should ‘fit in’ to the local property market.

Position the property in the right way for the current levels of enquiry and the location. Build a campaign of recommendations and marketing to attract the right target audience to the property.

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What are Your Property Strategies?

You want to show the client that you have the best ideas and strategies to help them.  What can you do with that?  Here are some things to help you sell yourself and your ideas to the property owner or client about their property situation:

  1. Defining the target market of buyers or tenants – When you look at your property market and compare it to the property that you must list, there will be a target market that you can focus into.  Define that group of people, buyers, tenants, business owners, or investors.  How are you going to reach out to them and attract inspections?
  2. Designing a specific promotional campaign – From the previous point, you can have a specific marketing campaign that you implement into the targeted segments.  Put a timeline to the process and show the client how that timeline works.
  3. Putting yourself into the marketing approach – From the earlier items, you can now show and tell the client how their property will be at the centre of your business and canvassing activities.  You can tell the client how you will be doing specific and special things for them and their property activities.
  4. Communication – Keep the client fully informed with their property and listing situation.  Good communication helps condition the client to the current property market.  Think about this ’in reverse’.  How would you feel if you had a property on the market, and what would you expect of your appointed agent when it comes to property marketing activity?

All these things will help you sell yourself and your ideas about the client’s property and or property requirement.  It’s a ‘positioning’ thing but it works very well. Give it a try.

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