Selling Yourself as a Commercial Real Estate Agent Expert

In commercial real estate agency, you are the first product to sell to your clients, prospects and market place.  Every salesperson must sell their relevance first, and do so in a comprehensive and professional way.

In commercial property today, the prospects that we work with want to connect with good salespeople that really know the market, the property type, and the way to move through the sale or lease.  We have to make it easy for our clients to do just that.


Continuous Direct Marketing Personally

To brand and sell you as the local property expert, the process is continuous and professional.  The property market will change from time to time and your brand must adjust to that change; in simple terms, you must be of relevance.

Top Agents in our industry are highly relevant and strive to remain so.  They build their market on relevance and opportunity.

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Cold Calling Course for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Sales and Leasing


Direct Personal Marketing Plan

Here are some tips to help you with this personal marketing process.

  1. LOCAL: Get to know the local property market comprehensively so you can talk to any issues and problems.  Local property market information will help you list and negotiate with better results.
  2. BUSINESS TOOL: Leave your business card with all the people that you meet.  It is the most effective long-lasting business tool that you have.  Most business cards are retained and referred to later.
  3. BOUNDARIES: Define your territory so you know exactly where you are prospecting every day.  Some of that process should be direct door to door, whilst other prospecting should be on the telephone and via direct mail.  The key fact here is that it must be continuous.
  4. LIST BUILDING: You lift your value to others when you have a comprehensive list of contacts in your database.  By comprehensive, I mean at least a few hundred people that you can talk to regularly.  Over time they will get to know you and your business.  Those people can be directed to the right properties and listings if and when they occur.
  5. LOCAL AREA: When you put a signboard on a property, use the sign and the listing as a reason to talk to all the nearby property owners and business proprietors.  Over time this will be a great source of leads.
  6. OTHER LISTINGS: Every listing that a competing agent has in your area is a great opportunity for you to talk to the surrounding property owners and business leaders.  The nearby property for sale or lease will have initiated a thought process that you can tap into.

Selling yourself and your skills is a special process that should continue without slowing down.  Understand what value you bring to your prospects and send that message in all your conversations and communications.  To be a Top Agent, the marketing message that you create has to be relevant and consistent.  Start sending the messages.

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