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Real Benefits of Local Area Marketing for Agents

There are so many channels of new business to investigate in commercial real estate. That can be good or bad for agents, so clarity is needed. Too many prospecting channels can create confusion about what to concentrate on. Finding listings in commercial real estate today is all about an agent doing just two or three […]

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Local Area Marketing: The Key to Success in Commercial Real Estate

Local area marketing is a crucial strategy for agents in commercial real estate today. It helps you build brand awareness, generate leads, and establish trust with your target audience. What is your target audience, and how do you find the right people? This article will discuss why local area marketing is essential and how to […]

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A Few of the Features of Local Area Marketing

In commercial real estate sales and leasing today, and because it is a changing property cycle, the best way to find new business is through local area marketing. This matrix video will help you with that. Important Connections Think about the real estate market around you, your competitors, your clients, the types of transactions, and […]

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How to Get More Listings with Better Local Branding

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are plenty of things to do every day, but too many things can ‘swamp’ your progress in building market share and a client list. Note: If you want some proven marketing resources and ideas, you can get them here in our online community for free. In simple terms, you […]

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How to Execute a Local Business Prospecting Plan

Get involved with the other local businesses in your location. Put those businesses at the centre of your prospecting activities and prospecting model. Network into those businesses regularly and frequently to gain information about the local area and the property investment changes. There are plenty of things that you can identify by talking to local […]


A Checklist to Solving a Listing Backlog in Commercial Real Estate

Sometimes the property market slows, and you get a ‘backlog’ of listing stock in your town or city that doesn’t seem to be moving.  It can be a seasonal problem, or worse still, an extension of the economic cycle and sentiment in your town or city; your listings can become ‘stale’ all too quickly. When […]

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