Property Management

The Insiders Guide to Growth of Commercial Property Management

If you’re looking to grow your commercial property management department, you should do so from a base of deliberate marketing and client contact. Some management prospects or clients will move through sales and leasing activity throughout the year. That activity will be a good catalyst for a potential property management appointment. Ask the right questions […]

The Keys to Understanding a Retail Shopping Center and its Performance

In the shopping centre industry you have to know where most of your customers come from and why they visit your property.  When you clearly define those facts you have something to work with when it comes to property marketing and tenant selection.   That can then improve your tenant mix over time and ultimately help […]

How to Track Retail Shopping Center Customer Sales and Property Performance

There is a ratio of great importance in shopping center operations and performance today.  It is essentially the number of customers visiting the property in a regular ongoing way. When you know the number of customers coming to your shopping center, you can do something about increasing it.  A successful shopping center can be driven […]

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