A Blueprint for Rental Growth in Commercial Property Management

high rise city buildings

Most property management clients are looking for rental growth over time and a stable property investment as part of that process.  In any property with a variety of tenants in occupancy, it pays to have a plan of property improvement, rental escalation, and leasing activity well sorted before the beginning of the financial year.  Every…

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What is Commercial Property Management and Why Do It

Commercial property management is a professional service usually provided by experienced property professionals to their clients as part of a comprehensive real estate service.  In a commercial real estate brokerage, a property management service sits well with other services such as investment sales and property leasing. So why provide this service when the commissions from…

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Commercial and Retail Property Managers – Landlord Reporting Tips for Top Quality Service

Every commercial or retail property will have challenges and factors that should be well controlled by a property manager.  The appropriate skills of the property manager are essential to the outcomes required.  Quality properties and quality landlords require a top property management service. Inexperienced property managers can damage a property performance and cash flow.  They…

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