Here are our Commercial Real Estate Resources to help you in brokerage:



Easy Cold Calling System for Brokerage

Learn how to make more calls and get more meetings with your clients and prospects in commercial real estate.  Use the proven cold calling system.  Find out more about cold call prospecting right here.



'BASE' - the Proven Territory Prospecting Model for Sales and Leasing Brokerage

Get more listings in your territory with your preferred property type and client base.  Use this model of contact to focus your listing efforts. Find out more here about the Base Prospecting System.



Commercial Presentations Mastery

Learn what it takes to present your services professionally in sales, leasing, or property management.  Get the templates, charts, and ebooks.  Get the proven ideas in this presentations resource bundle.


Top Agent Templates and Forms for Brokerage

Plenty of forms for sales, leasing, and property management.  Make your job easier with these forms in word and pdf so you can format them for your real estate business.  Its simple.  Find out more here about our forms and templates.


Goals and Targets Planner System for Brokerage Sales and Leasing

Put some focus and accuracy into your property efforts.  Engage with better clients and across quality listings this way.  Learn more about the Brokerage Goals and Targets System right here.



Sales and Leasing Marketing Letters

This is a reference library of sales and leasing marketing letters for commercial real estate brokerage.  Proven letter formats in Word and PDF for immediate use.  Easy and practical canvassing letters.