Why Commercial Real Estate Signage is Big Part of a New Business Tool Kit

In commercial real estate brokerage today, the signboard coverage that you create for yourself on listings and with local properties will always assist in growth of market share.  The agents and brokers with the consequential and comprehensive branding coverage will always get more inquiry; that’s how things work.   It has been that way for years […]


Know How to Crush Your Competition in Commercial Real Estate Leasing

In any town or city there will always be a few real estate competitors covering the leasing activities and intentions of local businesses.  That means you will have a degree of competition when it comes to winning the attention of landlords and finding the best tenants to serve.  Strategy is required if you are to […]


Top Sales Prospecting Methods in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The prospecting process in commercial real estate today is quite specific to both your market and your skills.  You should have a prospecting system to build your growth of market share around.  In that way you will create listing opportunity. So many agents and brokers struggle with the creation of new listings and market opportunities.  […]

Property Management

Why You Need a Commercial Property Management Handover Checklist

In commercial real estate property management, your job will benefit significantly when you use a checklist for the Handover process.  When it comes to bringing a new property into your management portfolio, there are so many things to think about and control over just a short period of time.  That is where the checklist gives […]


Commercial Real Estate Agents – How to Assess Office Premises for Lease

When it comes to a commercial real estate agent assessing a commercial property for lease there are some key questions to ask and evaluate.  The landlord should have most if not all of the property information that you need so it is up to you as the agent to get to the real facts of […]

Brokerage Career

Career Tips in Commercial Real Estate Agency

Many people think about a career as an agent or broker in commercial property sales and leasing. It’s a great industry full of opportunity and growth.  In saying that, it’s a career that requires great commitment, skill and personal development; that is certainly the case if you want to rise to the top. There are lots […]

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