The Turning Point of Success in Commercial Property Management

If you are managing a commercial or retail property, you need some strategies to control things and particularly so with tenants, rental income, leases, vacancies, maintenance, and arrears.  The deeper you go within each topic, the more complex and active the issues. So, what is the turning point in property management control?  To answer the […]

Property Management

The Performance Secrets of Commercial Property Management

In commercial property management, if the individual manager you employ is struggling in knowledge, performance, and or client service, you will soon have a portfolio problem of one type or another.  You can lose business and fees.   Usually the affected client will soon become unhappy, timeliness will be lacking, errors will be made, and […]

Property Management

12 Proven Strategies for Tenant Management and Optimization in Commercial Office Buildings

When you manage or lease a commercial office tower or building with multiple tenants in occupancy, there are things to look for and watch as part of keeping the tenant(s) under control.  You could say that the concept is a very important part of maintaining property performance and cash flow for the landlord. So the […]

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