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Landlords: Best Practices for Marketing and Negotiating Your Commercial Property Leases

Today, every landlord must take steps to prepare a property for leasing and to market vacancies when they occur. Prepare to lease space in all your investment properties. Know that vacancies will occur, so prepare for that. The property leasing process moves faster and produces better results when it is started early. You will sometimes […]

Retail Shop Leasing Agents – Educate Yourself Regards Business Types and Trade

If you are involved with shopping centre management or leasing, it is important that you educate yourself specifically regards retail business activity and the differences between particular retail businesses in both customer profiles and potential levels of trade. In any retail economy, some businesses will thrive better than others and that will be due to […]


A Candid Look at Tenant Mix Analysis

When you are preparing a larger commercial or retail property for sale, it pays to do a tenant mix analysis to see how you can package the property as an investment and attract potential buyers.  Given the state and slowness of some buyers to act on a property sale, the full factors of property performance […]

Leasing Shopping Centre Leasing

Strengthening the Tenancy Mix in a Retail Property

When it comes to how well a retail property does, the mix of tenants will have a big impact on income, customer visits, and tenant sales.  There is an established partnership between the landlord, the tenants, and the property manager when it comes to the success of a retail property or shopping centre. To strengthen […]

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