Commercial Investment Sales Made Easy

In commercial real estate agency, the investment sales part of the market is quite special and can offer you some great opportunities over time. It is the place where you will find the investors and their requirements for property performance and portfolio growth. Does that sound interesting? In this podcast, we share some ideas to […]

A Sales System for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Today – Chart for Download

There are many different ways to look at commercial real estate sales.  The underlying fact is that systems are required to get anywhere.  Think about your property market now and what you do in it.  Look at this chart and modify your sales processes where they may be lacking. Think about the zones, the property […]


How to Be an Absolute Winner as a Real Estate Agent in Investment Sales

It is important to recognize the specialty behind commercial property investment sales and the services that should be provided by real estate agents and brokers to their clients.  Some of the important facts to remember here with those clients are the requirement for cash flow consolidation and investment growth over time.  The main way to […]

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