sales system chart for commercial real estate
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There are many different ways to look at commercial real estate sales.  The underlying fact is that systems are required to get anywhere.  Think about your property market now and what you do in it.  Look at this chart and modify your sales processes where they may be lacking.

Think about the zones, the property types, and the people to target.  Understand that consistency over time is the only way to get anywhere in commercial real estate.  Talk to new people every day.  This chart will help you.  There are many supporting notes about sales activities and focus.  Try to analyse your real estate business in the groups nominated in the chart.  Ensure that you get some continuity going in your property research and people contact.


Sales Process Chart for Brokers and Agents

There are lots of properties to identify, clients to find, and deals to transact.  Don’t take too long to get your real estate systems locked into a process that works for you.

The commercial real estate sales system chart for download.

sales system chart for commercial real estate
Commercial Real Estate Sales Chart

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