Unleashing Potential: Examining Sales Tactics in Commercial Real Estate

Winning commercial real estate listings is a concept-based practice centred on systems. A ‘random’ approach in real estate brokerage sales or leasing doesn’t work today. Here is a crucial question. Do you want to ‘thrive’ as an agent in your location? Concentrate on connecting with property owners, and base your business week and diary around […]

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Creating Advantage and Leverage in Real Estate Today

When you work on your listings and clients in commercial real estate today, having some base plan or strategy of improvement will help you get more listings. It is the ‘advantage’ factor. Growth and change in commercial real estate is a personal thing. What’s your plan for that? It is a new property market today. […]


How to be a Productive Agent Today

New property requirements and real estate challenges will always emerge from conversations with locals. The more questions you ask of more people, the more property situations evolve. If someone needs help with property sales, leasing, or management, you’re the person they should turn to. So, you want them to remember you. How can you improve […]

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The Differences That Drive Sales Business Today in Commercial Property

As we move into and through this subsequent new property cycle, we must change our personal activities and strategies in commercial real estate brokerage.  This is a new property event and cycle for everyone; most things that we did previously in brokerage should now be approached differently.  The rules have changed, but the people and […]

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How to Keep Your Cool When the Commercial Property Market is Difficult

The commercial property market will shift and change many times throughout the year. There will be peaks and troughs in property performance and availability within certain locations and within certain property types. Your property zone or territory will be changed.  The interests of investors and tenants will also change throughout the year.  So your career […]

7 Capability Factors in Commercial Real Estate Agency

Every year the commercial real estate market will change in many ways.  Reading the signs of change is really important if you are a real estate agent or broker.  You can then adjust your efforts and priorities to capture more enquiry and listing opportunity. Most of the business that you create will be local within […]

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