The Benefits to Agents of Routines in Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, you will regularly feel the pressures of marketing, negotiating, prospecting, and transactions—those pressures, when uncontrolled, can take you away from all your good business intentions and plans.  So, what can you do with that?  How can you stay under control in brokerage? First, of course, having a plan in real […]


Understanding Your Most Important Tasks and Getting Them Done Every Day

In commercial real estate brokerage, some things are far more important than others.  Don’t let the pressures of the property market overtake your priorities.  After all is said and done, you are the best person as an agent or broker to control your daily focus with listings, clients, marketing, and negotiations. Identify the things that […]


The Time Management Rules of Top Commercial Agents

In commercial real estate brokerage, each day many people will ask for a slice of your time for reasons that are important to them but not necessarily beneficial to you. Before you agree to have a meeting or devote time to a particular task or request from others, make sure that the potential results and […]

Clear Cut Facts to Simplify Your Commercial Real Estate Career

Think about the last 5 days in your working life.  How did those days transpire?  Could they have been better?  If you are like most people, there will be things that you will remember that really achieved nothing for you; in fact, they probably gave you no benefit at all. In commercial real estate brokerage, […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Set About Doing Your Important Tasks Only

In commercial real estate brokerage it is really easy to get distracted and diverted.  Invariably that means a loss of focus and that leads to less listings and lower commissions.  The only way to get somewhere in commercial property is through deliberate effort.  Luck doesn’t have much of a role to play. Now is a […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Why You Should Invest Your Time with Accuracy and Precision

In commercial real estate brokerage your time is the most valuable resource that you have.  How you use your time will impact client connections and new business opportunities.  Unfortunately, it is far too easy to get diverted and distracted from the things that matter each day in commercial real estate brokerage. If you are struggling […]

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