The Benefits to Agents of Routines in Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, you will regularly feel the pressures of marketing, negotiating, prospecting, and transactions—those pressures, when uncontrolled, can take you away from all your good business intentions and plans. 

So, what can you do with that?  How can you stay under control in brokerage? First, of course, having a plan in real estate each day is a good thing. But, to keep on task and follow that plan is a lot harder.

As agents in the property industry, this concept of staying on task can be a challenge for all of us; but it is worth persisting with.  Try to avoid distractions.   

Some things are quite important to where we are headed in brokerage.  Many other things are less important.   We can and usually do spend too much time on the ‘low grade’ issues.  It is the priority things that we should focus on in brokerage if we want to progress.

While you may start each day with a plan of focus and a few things that you think you can achieve in the day, you will find that writing things down will help you understand what you are trying to achieve and how you are working towards that.

Schedule Up Conversations

Conversations are a vital part of commercial real estate today.  There are always people to talk to about a property listing or transaction. 

For that very reason, routines in commercial real estate and for every agent are essential.  Creating conversations with key people should be part of your day.

Routines in real estate help you stay on track with the things that matter.  What are the essential things that matter for you?  Maybe they could be:

  • Building your market share faster
  • Advancing negotiations towards deals
  • Getting documents for sale or lease signed
  • Growing your property list of exclusive listings
  • Getting to know particular people
  • Creating growth in your client list

Review the list; perhaps you can add a few more to them.  Understanding what those essential things are in your business day is the first step in brokerage progress.  It’s called creating clarity.

local area marketing chart for agents
Local Area Marketing Chart for Real Estate Agents

Put Clarity into Your Day

So, from that initial point of clarity, you can set priorities in brokerage activities.  You can act with direction and momentum. Top agents do that most of the time.

Understanding the types of property activity that are important to you and what you should be doing with your client lists is a big part of setting priorities and establishing your routines.  The word ‘routines’ is the thing to focus on.  How can you make your ‘routines’ a habit in each working day?

Connecting with the Right People

The essential routines to deploy in your real estate days get you closer to the right people who want property help now or in the future. 

Each day you are splitting yourself between new prospects, clients, and people you already know and hope to do business with.   That is where the routines become a priority.

So, commercial real estate is a bit of a numbers game, and those numbers centre on the people you know and the people you are getting to know. 

That is again where the routines come back to impact your real estate day.  Build your business day around connecting with people. From that process, you will find listings to work on.

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