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How to Increase Your Listings and Commissions with Cold Calling

Direct marketing in commercial real estate involves cold calling, and that process is the best way to find new people that need your help. As the property market shifts and changes today, new people are emerging and they need help, strategies, and solutions to take their property investments and business operations forward. The strategies in […]

Faster Ways to Create More Commercial Property Sales

It is a fact that commercial property sales are generally cyclical as part of the overall investment cycles available to property investors today.    There will be peaks and troughs in the property market in any town or city, so a broker or agent should know how to read the ‘cycles’ of investment, occupancy, and development. […]


Achieving Greatness in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, the margin to greatness is small. The margin reflects an effective prospecting process, constant client interaction, and exclusive listing activity. (NB – you can get more tips on commercial real estate skills in our free brokerage course ‘Snapshot’ right here).   It doesn’t matter whether you work in property sales, […]


The 9 First Steps for Your Commercial Real Estate Career

You can do very well in commercial real estate today if you are prepared to take on the challenges of professional skill development, property knowledge, and market awareness. There are many different career paths to take, all of which involve the different property types, investment types, client profiles, and property improvements.   You could say that […]

Property Management

10 Essential Skills Needed by Commercial Property Managers Today

A commercial property manager is a skillful person and particularly so if they manage the larger office towers and or retail shopping centers.  It should be said that the skill mix for a property manager is not the same as that of a commercial sales and or leasing person.  The jobs are very different. So, […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – Create the Perfect Listing

In this commercial real estate market, every property that you list to sell or lease should be a ‘perfect listing’.  All parts of the listing should be optimised for the marketing and negotiation process. You can only create this ‘perfect listing’ with exclusive appointments; there is no advantage in wasting time with ‘open listings’ given […]