Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – A Simple 6 Step Formula for VIP Client Engagement

In commercial real estate brokerage the VIP customers that you find and nurture over time will likely be your best customers.  They will be the sources of referrals and repeat business across sales, leasing, and property management. There is a well-known business formula that has been quite popular over the years called the ‘Pareto Principle’.   […]

Commercial Real Estate Agent – Toxic Clients Need to be Managed

Commercial real estate brokerage has its fair share of ‘toxic clients’ to work with and handle; I think I have seen most variations of the difficult clients that are out there.  They are those people that typically think they know better than everyone else in the property market and decline to listen to the market […]

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Commercial Real Estate Agent – Seller Management Systems

In commercial real estate sales, your brokerage can benefit significantly from implementing a seller management process.  By definition, this is a process where you can control the interaction and experience provided to your clients as owners of commercial property. The object of the process is to ensure professionalism throughout the sales experience and to encourage […]


Client Leads and Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Many of the clients that we serve in commercial real estate brokerage have targets and challenges when it comes to property performance.  Commonly there are issues with property rent, tenants, property values, services and amenities, and property improvements.  Look for the weaknesses and needs of a property client so you can help with overall asset […]


Commercial Real Estate Client Contact Solutions

In commercial real estate, every client will have different needs and timing factors that apply to sales and leasing activity. Those agents that build long-term relationships will find greater opportunity for listings and commissions. Whilst the concept is simple, many agents struggle with the discipline behind the idea. Staying in touch with clients is a […]

Client Contact Rules for Commercial Real Estate Agents

In commercial real estate agency you should treat your clients and prospects differently based on their business style and property needs.  Recognise that our segment of the property market is one of privacy and confidentiality.  Treat all of your clients and prospects accordingly. The ‘generic’ business practices of residential property do not apply in commercial […]

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