Capture Customers the Right Way in Commercial Property

In commercial real estate brokerage, the customers and the clients that we work with are not always right when it comes to listing, pricing, selling, leasing, or property negotiation. There will be factors relating to a transaction that they fail to understand, appreciate, and or accept. The only way you can effectively work through that […]

Why Business Relationships in Commercial Real Estate are Critical to Listings and Commissions

If you want a reasonable commercial real estate brokerage business, it is critical that you think about how you can build some valuable business relationships into the future. Understand the important people in the general location that you can talk to in a meaningful way.  Seek them out and grow your contact systems. It takes […]

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Breaking New Ground in Commercial Real Estate Client Contacts

Finding new clients to serve in commercial real estate brokerage is one thing.  Helping them in a relevant and a productive way is another.  Our business and industry is very much centred on ‘personal relationships’ and the needs of investors and business leaders as they strive to get better results in their property use.  It […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokers – It Pays Dividends When You Know the Right People

If you are going to get any traction as a commercial real estate agent or broker, you are going to need to know the right property people in your local area in a consistent and ongoing way.  Your database can help with this, and its growth will be critical to attracting listings and converting commissions.  […]

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