A Handy Inventory of Items in Listing Industrial Property

When you are to list an industrial property for sale or lease, there are different things to investigate. Those issues are usually in the categories of the lease, the improvements, property design, occupancy, and precinct. Note: You can get more Industrial property listing ideas in our free Online Course. Simply join up here. In this […]

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How to Choose the Best Methods of Sale with Industrial Property

When you are to sell an industrial property, there are things to think about and strategies to apply.  In this video we discuss the methods of sale, but also the investigations that you should undertake of the local area. Boost your industrial property listing results using some of these ideas.  Know your property precinct, the […]


The Importance of Working Tenant Advocacy Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When you look at the property leasing market in any town or city, there are tenant advocacy opportunities to be worked.  In saying that, it is always preferable to work with the larger tenants and the better quality properties from the position of a ‘tenants advocate’.  Smaller tenants can waste your time and your money.  […]

Undertaking a Site Assessment for Industrial Property Sales and Leasing

With industrial property sales and leasing, it is quite common for any agent to be undertaking a site assessment as part of preparing for the property listing. In doing so, you are endeavoring to understand the property from an ownership and an occupational perspective. You are trying to identify the strengths and weaknesses that the […]


Real Estate Brokers – A Simple Blueprint for Listing and Industrial Property

The industrial property market is an entry level segment of the industry where most property investors initially focus.  The simplicity of the cash flow, tenant selection, and property improvements make it easy for the ‘budding investor’ to understand the opportunities of the future when it comes to any single property, its cash flow and its […]

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Property Managers – Investment Property Budgets Must be Kept Under Control

When you manage office, industrial or retail property, the outgoings management process is critical to cash flow and property operations.  Like it or not money has to be spent on many different things in investment property and at different times of the year; outgoings management is part of that process.  A budget will help you […]


Qualifying Industrial Property Tenants Today – Tips You Need

The industrial property market is usually the first to feel an upturn or downturn in activity when the economy shifts.  That is because industrial manufacturing and small business integrate very closely to the economy of countries and the region within a town or city. If you are selling or leasing industrial property as an agent, […]

Industrial Property Agents – Do a Local Business Evaluation Survey for Your Prospects

When you sell and lease industrial property, the buyers and tenants that we work with may know little about the local area in which the property is located.  For this reason, you should prepare a generic ‘evaluation survey’ of the local area and business community.  This document as it relates to an industrial property will […]


Industrial Property Agents – Industrial Property Knowledge is the Key in Listing

In industrial property agency sales and leasing, the prospecting process can be quite specific. Knowledge is the key to property listing success. There are plenty of businesses in your region that you can approach to see if they want to lease or sell premises. Create a consistent plan of contacting industrial and warehouse-type businesses locally. In […]

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Commercial Real Estate Agents – Tips for Inspecting Industrial Property

These are some general factors and concerns as they apply to industrial property and your commercial real estate agent inspection.  You may also identify other issues that can be included in your listing review process with any Landlord or Tenants. Checklist for Industrial Property Inspections So you can add to this list based on your […]

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