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How to Be the Market Leader in Key Account Management

Gather up all your clients in one list, and decide who the Key Accounts should be in that list. That simple process will require you to think about what a client of that type is for you and how you would set the required criteria. Note: If you would like more agent or brokerage resources […]


Secrets to Finding the Best Key Accounts and Deals

Who are the key accounts that you want to attract to your real estate business, and how are you doing that?  Is there a plan that you have, and are you working on progress? Somewhere in your business model, make sure you have the topic of crucial accounts and VIPs well covered.  Know who those […]


Key Account Management Principles for Commercial Brokers and Agents

As you work in commercial real estate and get to know your marketplace, property types, and client list, there will be some facts that will start to evolve with high-value clients and VIP clients that will need to be handled differently.  Some clients have plenty of property to manage, lease, and sell; not all at the […]

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