Property Management

10 Ways to Prepare for an Outgoings Audit in Commercial Property Investment

An outgoings audit should be an important part of your property management and leasing services. As part of the audit, you can understand the efficiencies of the property when it comes to occupational expenses. That will then help you with attracting new tenants to the property and retaining current tenants in the mix. Any leasing […]

Key Ways to Plan Shopping Center Outgoings

Operational costs and outgoings in a shopping centre can be very high when you compare them to office and industrial property. They will also have significant impact on rental returns for the landlord.  Retail Property Managers should plan their outgoings budgets well. When you look at the overall costs to run a retail property, there […]

Property Management

Outgoings Reconciliation Tips in Commercial Property Management

In commercial or retail property management, the reconciliation of outgoings will be an important financial activity for the property manager and the landlord at least once per year.  In that way you will know how you are tracking when it comes to gross and net income within the performance of the property. Let’s assume that […]


6 Ways to Analyse the Gross Income for a Commercial Real Estate Sale

When you look at a commercial real estate property for the first time the gross income may be large and attractive, but the net income will be far more important as part of the analysis. Somewhere between the two will be the costs to run the property.  The outgoings are those critical costs to analyse.  […]

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