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How Problem-Solving in Brokerage Formula That Really Works

When you take a position for your clients as a problem solver in commercial real estate brokerage, you will find it a lot easier to win new business. You can market yourself as the solution that people need in brokerage, whether it be sales, leasing, or property management. Feel the Excitement of Solving Clients Property […]

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How to Solve Property Problems and Why Do It

One thing to always remember in commercial real estate brokerage, is that clients need their property problems solved quickly, efficiently, and directly. That can be a point of difference in your marketing process and in your listing process. In today’s podcast, we give you ideas to help you convert listings from a ‘client solution perspective’. […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Experience is Valuable in Selling Professional Services

In commercial real estate brokerage, your experience as a specialist broker locally is valuable in many different ways.  You should charge a reasonable commission for your services and avoid ‘discounting’ at all costs. Any client that is focused on getting a commission discount or reducing marketing costs as part of listing and any property promotion […]

Solving Problems in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Attracts Better Clients

Many of the clients that we work with in commercial real estate sales will have issues when it comes to property performance. As the specialists locally with commercial investments, we are well placed to provide unique services and timely solutions. So the message here is that you can be a solution provider when it comes […]

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