How to Expand Your Commercial Real Estate Listing Opportunities Faster

There are many opportunities to be seized in commercial real estate brokerage this year. In any town or city across the globe there will be plenty of clients to serve and listings to attract. In saying that, some real strategies are required at a personal level.   (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to […]

Opportunities and Changes in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Create Commissions

If you run a comprehensive database and contact management system within commercial real estate brokerage, there are plenty of opportunities arising from the contact process that will allow you to talk with local business leaders and owners on a regular basis.  The questions and comments created lead to information; in any town or city that […]

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Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Invest More Targeted Time in Your Commercial Property Market

When you spend time in your commercial property market you will find things to work on and develop as a broker or agent.  The simple fact of getting out and about in the local area or precinct allows you to see things and ask questions.  The new business is out there! Most of the new […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Factors in Supporting Corporate Property Clients Relocate

In commercial real estate today there are always companies and corporations looking to change their property location or focus.  When that happens, there are some key property decisions to be made by decision makers heading up corporations and businesses. If you are looking for new business opportunity within your brokerage, connect with the local business […]

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