Effective Ways of Finding Customers for Retail Shopping Centers

In most retail Shopping Centers today, the competition is fierce between retailers and with the other retail properties.  Property owners and tenants alike are chasing the retail customer. (NB – you can get our free commercial real estate training right here) Ultimately the sales opportunities for retail tenants and traders must be lifted and maintained […]

How to Become an Expert in Shopping Center Leasing

The concepts of leasing and property management within a shopping centre environment are quite special. The concepts are totally different to the ordinary rules and the strategies that apply to office and industrial property types.  If this is your part of the industry from a career perspective, then you should focus on being an expert […]

Leasing Standards and Opportunities in Retail Shopping Centers Today

In any town or city there will be a number of shopping centers serving the same customer base.  The retail properties will be of different size and location.  All of those retail properties will have leasing opportunities into the future.  Real estate brokers and agents can get involved from a leasing and tenant mix opportunity.  […]

Essential Leasing Strategies and Skills for a Retail Shopping Centre Manager

In a retail shopping center the factors of leasing are critical to property performance.  Retail tenants can come and go from a property and on that basis can dramatically impact property income.  The property manager should have advanced leasing skills to solve the rental an income issues well in advance wherever possible. As a shopping […]

The Right Way to Do a Tenant Mix Analysis in Retail Property or Shopping Centers

Tenant mix analysis is a critical part of property performance.  That is certainly the case in a retail property.  The correct tenant decisions will underpin property income, customer sales, and lower the vacancy rate. When you are involved in managing or leasing a shopping center, the tenant mix planning and strategy process will form part […]

Ways to Develop Real Leadership in Retail Shopping Center Management

The retail property industry is quite special and particularly that of shopping centres.  Retail experience and strategies are a valuable part of controlling and improving a shopping centre.  That is where the right people with retail experience are of real value to shopping centre owners.  That is also where leadership in the retail property segment […]

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