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Easy Ways to Get Out of a Real Estate Downturn

In the business of selling commercial real estate, it’s not unusual for agents to struggle or see a drop in business from time to time. The matter is resolved when they focus on building market share and a client base. Consistency in taking action is so important in real estate today at a personal level. […]

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Solving a Real Estate Slump Quickly

How do you get control of your real estate business and overcome a slump in enquiry or transaction frequency? The answer is simple and should remain so. Modify the real estate day by focusing on fewer important tasks. Distractions for agents occur every day, and many brokers allow many of those pressures to get the […]


Tips for Fixing a Sales Slump in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate agency, a sales slump can happen with any property agent during the year.  There are ways to fix the problem.   A good plan of attack is required. Let’s clarify the ‘pain’ that comes with a slump in property sales.  An agent will lose market share and commissions; the longer the issue […]


How to Get Out of a Sales Slump in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate agency the property market will change frequently during the year for all types of reasons including the economy, seasonal holidays, business sentiment, and changes in government.  For some agents this can create a commission slump or a drop in listings.  The only ways you can get through this with minimal discomfort […]

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