Simple Sales Procedures for Brokers in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate selling, it is remarkable how many salespeople set commission targets that are never achieved simply because they lack disciplines and systems to progress through their game plan. That can be reversed and improved. Consistency builds results in commercial real estate today. Think about these concepts. Tactics can always be developed and […]


The Top 7 Tips for Your Sales Plan in Brokerage

Every broker or agent should have a sales plan in brokerage.  That plan will give momentum and focus to listing growth and client contact.  In this video today, we share some specific ideas behind creating a successful sale plan in your career.  Something that you can build momentum around. Here is the video:


How to Find Success in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The opportunities in commercial real estate brokerage today are significant and real.  Your degrees of focus and personal action will help improve your results over time.  If you have chosen a career in commercial real estate, be prepared to work hard and to work to a plan.  Refine your plan and improve it over time.  […]


Preparing to Make the Sale – Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, the sale process is quite special.  There is a limited amount of time to attract the required targeted buyers and to create the ‘churn’ of activity to get offers and negotiations underway.  Prepare to make your sale processes successful and frequent.  Time is ‘precious’ and momentum is necessary.  (NB – […]

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