Planning to Be a Successful Agent Today

There are a variety of approaches that can be taken by agents and brokers today in planning for positive results. Given the changes in the property market, personal achievement in commercial real estate brokerage is very possible. Where can you start? Think about your location. Your town or city and the current real estate market […]

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Five Routines of Success in Commercial Real Estate

If you are looking to get great results in your real estate business, then take the time to have an in-depth look at your work systems and activities.  The best agents work to a method, and then they refine it over time.  The plan they work to will likely be relevant to them and their […]

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The New Commercial Real Estate Market Trends to Tap Into Now

As this property market takes a new shape, you can get good headway by watching these indicators with the property types and clients in your location. There are evolving market segments to tap into now. Upgrade your efforts of prospecting and client contact. Note: You can get our free resources in commercial real estate right […]


Luck versus Law in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Success

In commercial real estate brokerage you can be lucky some of the time, but the success that you are looking for comes from diligent effort and hard work.  Good things happen to those agents that put in the time and the focus. It is interesting to note that many agents have little ‘system’ in their […]


Success Tips in Commercial Real Estate Agency This Year

In any property market there are likely to be many agents chasing the same client or property listing at any one time.  In many cases that ‘chasing’ process may have started months if not years ago.  You can see why personal relationships in this market are so important.  Your database is a big part of […]

Overcome Procrastination in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate agency, discipline and action are the key factors of driving better personal market share and commissions.  There is no place for ‘procrastination’ when you are a real estate agent. The agents that ‘procrastinate’ are those that struggle in many different ways.  Commissions and listings do not come easily today so regular […]

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