The Important Facts of Qualifying Tenants and Buyers

In commercial real estate brokerage it is very tempting to work closely with tenants and buyers when it comes to their property activities and requests.  It can even be exciting when you get a new or fresh property enquiry with these people.  That being said, they can also waste a lot of your time particularly […]


The Best Things to Check First in Commercial Property Office Leasing

Tenants today are typically looking for premises that they need for their business.  In some cases those tenants do not understand the lease market rents and stock levels, and they ask look at properties that they cannot afford. Have you come across that problem before?  It’s frustrating when you may spend too much time with […]


How to Qualify Your Commercial Real Estate Tenants Correctly

In commercial real estate today, the tenants that approach you enquiring for space need to be fully qualified in many different ways. That qualification should be done before you spend too much time quoting properties and holding inspections. Some tenants really do not understand the local property market, levels of rental, and the types of […]


Screening and Qualifying Commercial Real Estate Buyers and Tenants the Right Way

The screening process should occur in commercial real estate brokerage with every property buyer or tenant.  Understand how they have reached you, and why they are contacting you.  Get to the real facts of the matter in each and every case. The screening and qualification process can help you with understanding the effectiveness of the […]

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