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8 Tips for Making an Award Winning Commercial Property Presentation

The commercial property market is competitive.  Every real estate agent and broker should be prepared to give a high quality and award winning property presentation when required for any client and in any situation.  Top agents can do that at any time and they usually have resources and systems on hand to support the process.

Think about the times where a presentation is required today in your local property market.  Any property listing, marketing, and the inspection process will involve degrees of presentation.  Confidence and relevance are required to ‘sell the message’ to any client or prospect.

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Key Presentation Questions to Consider

You can practice your pitch and presentation so that conversions and results improve over time.  In doing that consider these questions:

  • How can you persuade a client to understand your ideas and recommendations?
  • How can you improve the credibility of your property strategy?
  • Is your presentation believable in today’s property market?
  • How motivated is the client to listen to your recommendations?
  • How many agents are you competing against?
  • Is your local wisdom and experience of value to the client with their property challenge?
  • Are your ideas aligned to the current market conditions?

Some agents and brokers fail to consider these questions and as a consequence do not reach the client in a convincing way.  If you want to attract more new business and close more deals, then the questions raised here are critical factors to consider as you pitch and present your recommendations to the client.

8 Ways to Improve Your Sales Pitch and Presentation

Here are some ideas to put you on the right track with your property presentation and listing pitch:

  1. Engagement – You want the client to listen to you so there will need to be some facts from the market in your pitch that are matched to the client’s situation. Ask the client plenty of questions, and research the client’s property status beforehand.
  2. Research – Understand the rents, prices, and levels of enquiry locally and particularly those that are relevant to the client’s property type. Tell the client exactly what is happening in their property market that could impact their property challenge.
  3. Client requirements – Every client will have an ‘urgency factor’ and you should explore that fact to know how your marketing and inspection processes can bring about a timely result.
  4. Current market conditions – Levels of enquiry currently will have an impact on inspections and negotiations for any listing. You may only have a few people or enquiries to move to an inspection negotiation.  Condition the client comprehensively so they don’t start the marketing process with false or inflated targets.
  5. Best method of sale or lease – There are different ways to sell or lease a property. It’s your job to choose and recommend the right method for the client; that recommendation should include ‘exclusivity’ in the listing method.  Make clear choices and choose your facts to support the process.  As the best agent for the listing, it is your job to prove it first and foremost.
  6. Marketing solutions – The marketing of any property costs money and takes time; real strategy is required. The exclusive listing process should involve vendor paid marketing funds, as you will be spending a lot more time in motivating and attracting enquiries.  Be specific in your marketing recommendations so that the client can see that you are truly a marketing expert for the property type.  You must be the ‘agent of choice’.
  7. Timing – Give the client a timeline to your strategies and ideas. Explain how you will handle the strengths and weaknesses of the property as you move ahead.  Merge into your timeline the stages of control that will give the client comfort and market coverage.
  8. Best outcomes – Pitch your recommendations to the client on the basis of best outcomes. Your picture of that outcome should be aligned to that of the client.  Help the client see that.  Explain where your marketing and negotiation strategies will be targeted and why that is the case.

So now you have the basis to proceed in presenting your ideas and recommendations to your commercial real estate client.  Watch your ratios and results; practice your skills so that your conversions improve over time.

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