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The Secrets to Shopping Centre Leasing Success Today

When you have a vacant shop in a shopping centre, it is time to put strategy and solutions together.  Don’t tolerate a shop vacancy for too long, or preferably, remove it before it becomes vacant by pro-active leasing.  There are things to think about and things to do. Forward plan your vacancy reductions and leasing […]

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Things to Consider in a Lease Handover of Commercial or Retail Premises

Putting new tenants into a vacant property or premises is quite common and a ‘checklist’ approach will help you cover the facts and the matters relating to the premises.    Understand the client, the tenant, the premises, the condition of the improvements, and then document everything.  Keep all your records, be they photographic, checklists, notes, […]

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Retail Shopping Centre Managers and Property Agents – What Makes a Tenant Retention Plan So Important?

Tenant retention plans are essential to the performance of a Retail Property today.  They help stabilise the existing tenancy mix and help you optimise the market rental across the entire site. Note: If you want some more leasing ideas in commercial or retail real estate, you can get them here in our free course. A tenant […]

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Retail Tenant Performance in Retail Shopping Centres – Tips for Leasing Managers

When it comes to a large retail property and its performance as an investment, it is really important to ensure that the tenant mix is stable and well balanced.  The pressures on tenants are many today and that is a major threat to retail property performance.  A landlord can have the best retail property in […]

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Commercial Property Agents – Systems to Lease Commercial Property Today Successfully

Vacant office space is a common occurrence today as the property market adjusts to the different levels of rental and incentives available for new tenancies. The factors of supply and demand do have some relevance at a local property level.  Tenants as businesses want quality properties to occupy.  Work those listings with complete coverage and […]

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Retail Tenant Mix Strategies Today

When it comes to the leasing and managing of commercial and retail property today, it is wise to adopt a tenant mix strategy that encompasses the requirements of the landlord and the special attributes of the property. The designing of a tenancy mix can be quite a specialised process.  Local market knowledge will assist you […]

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