Key Steps to Taking the Right Action in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Taking daily action in retail leasing is a strategic thing that all retail brokers and agents should work towards as part of their working day.  That is particularly the case if they are looking to boost their commission and listing results. Retail is a bit different than the other property types; it stands alone as […]

Marketing Sales

7 Winning Habits of Top Commercial Real Estate Agents

Many things change in commercial real estate throughout the year.  Pressures and challenges evolve, and the property market will change between sales and leasing activity.  Somewhere in all that change, will be the brokerage opportunities that you require in commissions, clients, and listings. When you understand the change factors in your commercial property market, you […]

Brokerage Marketing

Market Share Tools for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Commercial real estate is competitive in any town or city. Market share and territory control are good goals to work to.  Other strategies to pull into the process would include listing exclusivity, vendor paid marketing, and online marketing; everything can be improved when you think about it.   Strive to be better than your competitors […]


How to Keep Your Cool When the Commercial Property Market is Difficult

The commercial property market will shift and change many times throughout the year. There will be peaks and troughs in property performance and availability within certain locations and within certain property types. Your property zone or territory will be under change.  The interests of investors and tenants will also change throughout the year.  (NB you […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – A New Perspective in Agent Opportunity

In commercial real estate brokerage today there will always be plenty of opportunity for the best agents within any property market, town or city. The variations in the property market throughout the year may shift the opportunity between sellers, buyers, tenants, and property development.  That being said, the business opportunities and the listings are always […]

The 2 Critical Skills in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Today

As the property market changes in many different ways, there are two essential skills that will get you through most problems and challenges, no matter how difficult the property market may be.  If you refine and improve those two skills through practice, most issues and problems will lessen the impact that they may have on […]

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