real estate agent using computer and reviewing slides

Slide Deck: Strategic Questions in Real Estate

Today, commercial real estate sales and leasing involve various situations and people. The same is true for property management, though the focus varies.

Today, I’d like to share a slide deck with ideas and strategies about questions to use as you discuss property marketing alternatives and deals in brokerage.

There are 16 slides in the deck to review. Consider the types of property situations you encounter this year, given the market challenges and the people you meet.

Help Solve Problems

How can this help you? The slide deck explains real estate’s “comfort zone” and how to navigate it using critical property facts and situations. You can also position your questions to help the client or prospect solve problems. Check out the slide deck right here.

Trust is a big issue in commercial real estate, however motivating action is foundational to get a property transaction to move ahead.

Think about your property transactions today and how people negotiate through them. Questions are the leverage points to help you get a ‘foothold’ on progress.

Slide Deck Download

The slide deck also helps you use emotion and consequences to help your clients understand their entire commercial real estate situation and how to resolve issues.

real estate agent using computer and reviewing slides

Finally, the slide deck can help you motivate your clients to list and close deals. You can download the entire slide deck here or on the image above.

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