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A Sales Checklist for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage: What It Is and How It Works

In commercial real estate brokerage, developing a sales checklist is an excellent idea to help you achieve personal progress and coverage as an agent in your allocated territory.

Progress in real estate is all about organisation, and you can get that organisation by using a checklist or systemised process. So, it is very personal in many ways.

A sales checklist can take different shapes and forms; however, it is a specific process or focus involving daily activity. That is doing things as part of a priority plan. What are the things that you can do each day?

Know What Matters

Face the facts; some things matter more than others when making progress with clients and listings as an agent. The strategies below will help you develop your checklist based on proven processes in the industry.

Local Area Marketing

Local area marketing should be the first step to creating progress. Most of the new business we create as agents will come from local client groups and certain property types.

That is where the local area marketing system or concept becomes very valuable. Determine your local area’s marketing zone of focus, which will become a priority precinct for most new business opportunities.

Outside of that priority precinct, you can have a secondary zone of activity and focus where other levels of business may come from when time permits.

So, you have a primary zone of activity and a secondary zone of activity. Your local area’s marketing is centred in those precincts.

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Know plenty of local people

Target Marketing Plan

Establish a target marketing plan centred on people and property situations. The idea is simple. It involves talking to certain people regularly and continuously. Those people you would consider potential clients now or in the future.

So, who are those clients or groups? How can you connect with them? What points of relevance can you help them with?

As you can see, a target marketing plan becomes a key component of ongoing prospecting as a real estate agent. When you create that extra level of target marketing in your daily canvassing, you can get better results from your preferred client categories.

Signboard Presence

Develop some signboard presence and Internet marketing dominance. Many agents compete in most towns and cities for the same or similar listings.

It is a known fact that the top agents of the market tend to have more signboards within a location and more online listings. That, then, is all about creating dominance in the property market.

Some of those agents will be more relevant than others regarding market share, services, and professionalism. The question is, ‘How can you create your share of that property market and amplify those skills locally?’

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Market yourself and your services with a plan

Real Estate Branding

Branding awareness helps your progress as an agent. Your real estate brokerage brand, which applies to yourself personally, is something to push and promote comprehensively through all conversations and real estate connections.

It is all about connecting with more people professionally and continuously. Think about how you can do that and how many more new conversations you can create daily.

You don’t have to push a person to list their property. You must only ask the right questions and advance the conversation with ideas and recommendations.

Stand-out Marketing

How can you make your marketing activities stand out? It is something to consider as part of an ongoing strategy to compete with other agents and listings in the same location.

Professional photos, professionally prepared advertising copy, and design will help your advertisements compete and compare more favourably against other local agents.

Use keywords as part of your advertising layout and copy. Those keywords can relate to your research with the search engines. The question is, ‘What are people searching for regarding property in your location?’

When you have that information, you can add the keywords to your advertising copy, layout designs, and the property listing message story. You can also add the keywords to property editorials that you may publish on your website as an article or listing editorial.

Listing editorials are a valuable addition to more traditional property marketing efforts.

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Capture plenty of real estate information

Gathering Details Locally

Gather details of local property market activity in sales and leasing and keep those details current. Add the details of new listings and comparable properties within your targeted territory.

As you talk to more people in your location, having the details of recent sales and leasing results will help you extend the conversation and move more directly towards a listing or transaction opportunity.

A ‘Go-to’ Agent

Be a ‘go-to person’ that people remember. As real estate people, we are property and investment information resources that can be shared with the right people in the right way.

An extension of working with that information is graphing the data monthly. The visual approach of graphing is even more powerful when sharing real estate information on pricing and leasing trends.

Factors of Real Estate Systems

From these five simple points, it is easy to see how important diligence and systematisation are to progress in commercial real estate today.

Keep things simple; however, establish a plan that you can stick to as part of building your sales or leasing checklist in your location.

Grow your relevance as an ‘agent of choice’ in your area. That’s what top agents do. The fast track to that is by creating conversations with property owners and investors.

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There is a lot of information available on real estate locally

Gather Information

Your information and comments are valuable. Recognize that your skills and property market awareness or knowledge are unique and special for the clients who will need your help at the right time.

You never really know when a client or prospect will need that help with a property challenge or opportunity. So, the base strategy to work with is building your relevance today with all clients and prospects as part of winning the new real estate business.

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