How to Use Conversations to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Connecting with people is a big part of what we do (or should do) as agents or brokers.  Need some more new business? Read on.

In commercial real estate brokerage, it is best if people are placed squarely in your working day and through your tasks.  That is across your focus, in your activities and meetings, and your diary.  Think about what you did yesterday. How many new people did you connect with, and how did that go?

If you are like most brokers and agents, the people interaction side of a working day can always be improved.  It is a real estate discipline that can be optimised in so many ways.  Meetings, telephone calls, canvassing, and conversations are all a big part of the property process

The Advantages of Conversations

Conversations with clients lead towards useful information, and that information can open into some form of property challenge, idea, or opportunity.  In all respects, you can be the person to help with that.

What can you talk about when you create those conversations with local people?  What questions could you ask?  Try some of these for starters:

  • Do you lease or own your property?
  • To help your business growth do you need more space?
  • How are your occupancy costs today?
  • Would you like help in saving some costs in occupancy?
  • Could you be closer to your customer base?
  • Would you like some information about property rents and prices?

Get organised in how you connect with people and advance those conversations.  In commercial real estate today, there are some meaningful conversations to record and follow up on just about every day. 

There are situations where conversations and decisions are being made every day. An excellent way to work with this problem is to keep a notebook of discussions and meetings.  Writing things down will help you with advancing a matter to the next stage of action.

So, most people in commercial real estate use computers in some form today.  The notebook solution mentioned is an addition to the computer process and is based around the working week and the working month.  Dates and times are recorded together with facts and ideas. 

Every inbound call, conversation, and contact meeting should be written into the notebook.  You can then quickly follow up on any ideas, disagreements, discussions, or questions later.    When you write things down, you can come back to them later. 

Information Optimisation

Information optimisation is a valuable way to advance your real estate business.  You could say that it is a form of organisation, but it does give you a reasonable degree of leverage in moving ahead.

What else do you need to think about as you engage with people in property in your location?  There will also be a need to record instructions and activities with both clients and prospects.  The note-taking process protects you in the case of any potential disagreements or legal action.

So, all of this becomes a process of personal organisation and opportunity.  It is a tuning process for your real estate business.  Get organised and move ahead in your activities.

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